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There is a plethora of suicide prevention organizations across the globe and though they are saving lives daily we see an opportunity to offer a more hands on approach in suicide prevention, especially for victims that fall under a forgotten demographic.

Part of our Campaign is to host “I See You” rallies and conferences. These events are meant to bring people of all walks of life together as one and celebrate life, inspire moments of happiness & optimism, and spark the courage one needs to find a better future.  I See You not only operates as an outreach program, but we also contribute and partner with established organizations and campaigns alike.

Supporting other organizations is crucial in our approach because we understand suicide has no barrier, and in order to reach the individuals that need us most we must utilize and assist in the maximization of associations that are established & proven effective. 

As the campaign continues to grow, it will gain more influence in public awareness and, in turn, we will be impactful to individuals and suicide prevention organizations nationally and  internationally.


We conducted a brief survey from a group of eighth graders (about 20); 100% of those student knew someone who committed suicide, attempted suicide, or has personally attempted suicide themselves. The environment was a no judgment zone, so the children were brutally honest and FREE to TALK.  There were no right or wrong answers, but it was their answers - the ugly truth behind suicide.  Much of this broke my heart, but I wanted and needed to know.  


This CAMPAIGN was  encouraged by a group of high school students,  girls and boys, who shared their stories of pain, judgment, hopelessness, and so much more.  A mirror was given to each young person and I simply asked, "WHAT DO YOU SEE?"  Most of them were afraid to look in the mirror.  I wept.  Some of these children were from affluent families while others were simply trying to survive.  One shared a story of trying to hang himself, but the tree limb broke.  Some days before, his mother also tried to commit suicide by taking her prescription anti-depressants. Though my heart is often heavy because of this reality, I know there is hope for these young souls.  I know that love covers it all.  I learned that everyone has a story.  And, I know that healing comes in many forms. Most of these children simply want to be SEEN.  Are you willing to acknowledge their hurt? 

Though youth is the reason we started this campaign, we acknowledge the fact that suicide affects us all - emotionally, spiritually, financially.  One suicide cost the economy over $1,000,000.  


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